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Welcome to Kobalt. Everything creators need to succeed in today’s complex world of music. 

The most trusted name in music. We work with some of the greatest talent around the world.

How Kobalt is Simplifying the Killer Complexities of the Music Industry

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"They’ve been able to collect money that nobody else is able to see with their software, and we’ve seen 23% more income with Kobalt."
Jonny Quinn Snow Patrol

Jonny Quinn
Snow Patrol

"Kobalt's model is one that is often imitated, but has yet to be perfected by anyone else."
400Px Shane Mc Anally 2013

Shane McAnally

"Kobalt operates with complete transparency and has built the tools for us to harness all the data we could ever ask for. Kobalt is the future of music."
304575 Medium Jpg

Brandon Hixon
Manager, De La Soul

AWAL Featured in Rolling Stone’s Latest State of the Music Industry Piece

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Our services work for you. Whether you’re an artist, songwriter, musician, label or music publisher, Kobalt's full range of services offers a modern alternative to the traditional music industry. 

Kobalt’s answer to a traditional record label - AWAL

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