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We search every corner of the globe to find more of your money.


Every penny adds up. As the largest Neighbouring Rights administrator in the world, we combine innovative technology and our direct relationships with collection societies to pay significantly more to our creators and labels.

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Work with global experts

Our neighbouring rights team has expert local knowledge and long established relationships with collection societies, so we collect directly to minimize society commissions and ensure all rights are administered to the highest standard.

Make more money, faster

Our powerful, hands-on approach to Neighbouring Rights searches for all of the earnings you’re owed as fast as possible. We use a range of sources including third-party performance information, Kobalt's own territory predictions, and your income data to monitor collections and ensure that you receive all of your income.

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We’re here for you

As a Kobalt client, you’ll have a dedicated client manager to provide the best-in-class service, and answer any questions about registrations, royalty earnings, statements, rates, and much more.

Get more with our data-driven approach

We focus on the data, ensuring it’s as accurate and complete as possible. In territories where societies offer access to their database of recordings, our expert team undertakes in-depth data analysis, and cross checks so that we maximize revenue for you.

1. Predistribution analysis

We review qualification criteria to accurately project your expected earnings.

2. Gap analysis of society databases

We analyze society databases and identify any gaps in your data and income.

3. Complete discography

We ensure your discography is properly referenced to improve society collections.

4. Song fingerprinting

We make sure songs are fingerprinted to maximize collections in specific territories.


We show you everything

Our powerful, transparent reporting puts you in control. Every piece of information collected by Kobalt feeds into our Neighbouring Rights portal and app, so you have access to all your data, any time you need it.

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Too many creators are missing out on digital revenue without even knowing it.

Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Founder & CEO

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